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Audi Repair Denver

Our full service shop is equiped to handle anything your Audi needs.  If you need us to install a new window regulator, do a proper full service timing belt replacement, or install new upgraded turbos on your Audi S4, we have the tools, experience and factory repair information to get the job done right the first time.  If you are searching for the best Audi repair after hours, you can request an appointment to the right or call Monday - Friday 8 to 5 to schedule your car or SUV repair when it is convenient for you.  


Recent Audi Repair Projects

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Audi 1.8l TT Timing Belt Failure

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This 03 Audi TT with 1.8l engine had a timing belt failure with 76k miles on the odometer.

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Audi A4 Brake Job

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Doing a brake job on an Audi A4 seems like a pretty simple job, and its certainly no problem for our factory trained technicians.  Its the details that make sure the end result is a quiet, safe brake repair that restores the original Audi factory performance to you braking system.

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Audi A4 2.0l engine replacement

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The Audi A4 2.0 is generally a very reliable engine. They have had some problems with their high pressure fuel pumps and the associated camshaft drive lobe, but the motors themselves, like their 1.8l predecessors are pretty reliable.
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