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Volkswagen Repair Denver

DART auto features OEM Volkswagen parts from the same European manufacturers that made the parts for your VW when it was new.  We feature parts from Bosch, Mahn, Mahle, Zimmermann, ATE, Contitech, Ruville , Glyco, Textar and more.  Many of the parts in our catalog are not available in the aftermarket and we buy them directly from Volkswagen, they will be marked as Genuine VW/Audi. We have all the tools, factory maintenance and repair info that any dealer has.  All this with more personalized service.  


Recent Volkswagen Repair Projects

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Volkswagon Tiguan Carbon Clean

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This 2010 Tiguan came in for a misfire fault. It was determined that the fuel injectors were leaking which necessitates intake manifold removal.
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Volkswagen Jetta Parking Brake Cable

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The Parking brake cables on these VW Jettas can rust internally.  This can cause the parking brake not to engage properl.

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VW Jetta TDI Catalytic Converter Replacement

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This particular Jetta had a turbo charger that failed.

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