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Audi A4 Brake Job

Doing a brake job on an Audi A4 seems like a pretty simple job, and its certainly no problem for our factory trained technicians.  Its the details that make sure the end result is a quiet, safe brake repair that restores the original Audi factory performance to you braking system.  At DART auto we only use Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) like Zimmereman, Pagid, Textar and ATE.  We measure the brake rotor thickness and see if they can be reused.  With only 2mm of wear allowed on most brake rotors, we usually end up having to replace the brake rotors.  When installing the brake components we make sure to carefully clean everything and lubricate the baking plates for the brake pads in key locations, to ensure quiet operation.  We have had customers come in with noisy brakes, either, clunking or squeaking when braking.  These symptoms can almost always be tracked back to using non-OEM components for their Audi repair.  By sourcing our parts from the manufacturers that supply them to the automakers we can provide a dealer quality brake job for less than dealer prices.