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Mini Cooper Clutch Fork Replacement

This 2004 Mini Cooper came in with clutch problems.  As is often the case with clutch problems it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly which part of the clutch and clutch release mechanism failed, but our trained Mini Cooper mechanics, know when something is wrong inside the clutch.  In this case we removed the transmission and found the clutch had failed.  A thorough inspection of the clutch release mechanism reveled that the clutch fork had also failed.  I have heard of people replacing clutches, without a thorough inspection, putting it all back together and finding they had a failed clutch fork.  This of course means doing the job all over again.

A failed Clutch fork is a common problem with Mini Coopers of this era.  If you are having trouble with your Mini Copper clutch, come on down and see us at our Denver Mini Cooper repair shop.