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Porsche 964 3.6l engine swap for early 912 Chassis

We have done several engine swaps over the years, putting 964, 993, 930, 3.0SC and 3.2l engines in earlier cars.  This used to make a lot of sense, but as the value of these early cars has gone up it must be considered carefully.  There have been several of these :"outlaw"  or gruppe R cars that have brought as much or more than original cars, but they have to be done properly.  In this case we had 2 912s that had already been converted to flat 6 power, so we were not cutting up pristine early cars.  Most of the modifications can be undone without any evidence they every happened.  The main point of these conversions is a nice original early car is nice but a lightweight early car with a 300 HP 3.6l engine is lots and lots of fun.  These cars have 911 engine mounts welded in, a 911 oil tank, 3.2l 911 oil cooling systems, custom made fuel and oil lines, correctly wired 964 ECUs and rebuilt 915 transmissions.  We are using the stock exhaust on 1 and a custom exhaust on the other.  Stay tuned as we progress on these cars.