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1977 Corvette Engine 350 Chevy Engine Replacement

We normally stick to German cars, but sometimes we get sidetracked.  Most of our techs have other automotive experience and interests outside of German cars and we can get talked into working on other cars too.  In this case my neighbor had a 77 corvette with a bad engine.  He had picked up a rebuilt motor from a friend of his, but wasn't sure if he was up to the task of putting it in.  One of our techs had previously owned a 69 Vette, and I got my start building American V8 motors at sixteen.  Compared to the tight engine bays we work with on modern German cars this was easy.  And you can get parts everywhere for a 350 for tens of dollars instead of hundreds.  This was a fun project to help get a friends car back on the road.  Look for Mike crusing Park Hill in his Vette this spring.