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Porsche Boxster Engine Rebuild

We have now done several rebuilds on the 996 and 986 engines.  All of the engines we have rebuilt have had failed intermediate shaft bearings.  Some years ago we saw an early engine with the D chunk cylinder wall failure, but that customer elected not to repair the engine.  In the case of the intermediate shaft bearing failure the intermediate shaft can sometimes be upgraded to an LN engineering three row bearing or the IMS solution.  To do this we need a usable intermediate shaft, the damaged bearing must be removed and the shaft must be nice and straight.  In the last 2 cases we were unable to salvage the damaged shaft and had to buy Porsche's latest 997 intermediate shaft.  This shaft has a much larger bearing as shown in the pictures.  We feel this is a good answer, but would probably choose the IMS solution if we could get enough useable core intermediate shafts.  As of right now the IMS solution is not available for the 997 intermediate shaft.  There are several more pictures of one of these engine rebuilds under the 996 engine rebuild section of this blog.  The average cost has been about $10,000 to remove, overhaul and replace one of these motors.  With Porsche now charging close to $20,000 for a rebuilt motor having us rebuild a motor is becoming a viable option for many people.