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BMW X3 Common Maintenance Items

This BMW X3 customer came in with several fluid leaks.  Our factory trained BMW technician gave her vehicle our free preventive maintenance and safety check.  We found and repaired several common failures for these vehicles.  We replaced a leaking lower radiator hose and temperature sensor.  Cooling issues are important to address with these vehicles since an overheating engine can quickly damage the engine block or cylinder head.  We found two common leaks on the transmission, the shift shaft seal and the transmission output shaft seal.  The transmission pan must be removed to replace the output shaft seal, so it was a good time to change the transmission fluid and filter.  Transmission fluid level is not as easy to check as engine oil or coolant levels, so it is important to fix transmission fluid leaks before they get too bad.  Low transmission fluid levels can quickly damage a transmission, taking the repair bill from $100's of dollars to $1000's of dollars.  A third common problem was found in a leaking vale cover gasket, which we also repaired.  With proper maintenance this vehicle will see thousands more miles of happy motoring.