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Audi A4 Upper Control Arms

During one of our complementary safety inspections, we found the control arms on this 2008 Audi A4 with 86,000 miles to have damaged inner control arm bushings. This is a common concern for almost all Audis manufactured in the last 25 years. The rubber bushings serve to isolate the vehicle from road noise, allow the suspension to move up and down as the vehicle goes over bumps and corners, and keep the wheels in the correct position so proper alignment is maintained. When the bushings have deteriorated the driver may notice a clunking when going over bumps, a decrease in performance and handling, a vagueness in steering and increased tire wear. There are a total of 4 control arms on each side, 2 upper and 2 lower. The lower arms have larger, more robust bushings that seem to last longer, but they do wear out. In this case, it was the upper bushings that had reached the end of their service life. After the new OEM Lemforder control arms with new bushings were installed we aligned the car using our Hofman Geoliner imaging wheel alignment system. Using this state of the art equipment our master technicians make sure every customer gets a perfect alignment, with the angles matched from side to side to within .01 degrees and right in the middle of the manufacturers recommended range. Our technicians always take a test drive to be sure everything is working as it should when repairs have been completed. This Audi is internally referred to as a B7 series.