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DART auto Porsche Racing

DART auto has its roots in Porsche racing.  Owner Dave Banazek left his work in commercial real estate to pursue his passion for cars and racing Porsches in particular.  While the business has evolved and we do a lot more work on cars that are used for day day commuter use, we still like to work on Porsche race cars.  We have the knowledge and experience to build a complete car from the ground up including suspension modification, roll cage building, Porsche engine rebuilds or upgrades from 911 2.0 cars up to the water cooled 997 cars, transmission rebuilds and re-gearing.  We have raced many different cars personally and prepped them for our customers.  We know what works and what doesn't.

Below are several pictures from one of our vintage racing customers.  This time around we are rebuilding and re-gearing the transmission, installing fiberglass bumpers, installing elephant racing poly-bronze bushings and installing modified rocker arms in the engine.