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How to Deal With Audi Electrical Problems From the Best in Denver


Audis are high-performance automobiles, but even the best cars can have mechanical and electrical problems. Audi owners have reported a number of electrical problems. These issues require an Audi service specialist to properly diagnose and solve the issues. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the symptoms of electrical problems and how to address them.

Three Common Electrical Problems in Audis

Dashboard failure

Dashboards have changed a lot over the past 20 years. Information from sensors can alert you about everything from tire pressure to the weather. When electrical problems impact the dashboard, you can lose a lot of important information about your car.

The display in your dashboard is run by one large flexible circuit of copper screened onto mylar and then mounted onto a hardboard. Dashboard components are then attached to the circuitry on the hardboard. Because the entire dashboard system is connected, once you have trouble with any one component in the dashboard display, all components are at risk.

Brake Lights

Brake lights are essential to your safety when driving any car. They are the primary indicator to drivers behind you that you are slowing down, and they are key to preventing rear-end collisions. Failing brake lights are one of the more common electrical issues with Audis. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know that your brake lights are not working unless someone tells you.

Having an Audi specialized-service professional perform regular maintenance on your vehicle can help you catch these problems early.

Power Window Motor

The motor for your power window might seem like a mechanical problem rather than an electrical problem. However, the power window motor is designed to have a long lifespan. When it seems like the window switch is starting to fail, or if the windows permanently stop going up and down, the switch and or the motor might be blown. However, it is  important to find out what caused the problem so that it doesn’t happen again. It’s possible the root cause is electrical.

Causes of Electrical Problems

Electrical wiring in vehicles is complex. The wiring system is designed so that fuses will protect the many components of the wiring system and the devices attached to the wiring system. Fuses are small electrical components, housed in plastic, located between the power supply and the device. Fuses are located in one of two or three fuse boxes under the hood of the car or in the cabin of the car under the dashboard.

While fuses are designed to protect the wiring and devices in a vehicle, when a fuse blows, it is critical to understand why. Inside the plastic housing of the fuse is a small, thin wire that is designed to melt if too much current is running through the electrical system. When the fuse blows, electrical current can no longer reach its destination. This will mean that your lights or radio might not work.

Diagnosing Your Audi’s Electrical Problem

Audi automotive service specialists have a wealth of experience with Audi’s electrical system. They also have state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently perform a differential diagnosis to determine the origin of the electrical problem. Source can be simple cracks in the housing of devices that allowed moisture into the electrical system or cracked wires. It can also be more complex, where intermittent power bursts are causing damaging the electrical system.

Regardless of the problem, these issues will not fix themselves. Even when they are sometimes intermittent problems, it's important to talk with your Audi service specialist, explain the symptoms, and let him or her determine how best to resolve the issue. Electrical issues tend to build upon themselves, so addressing the problem early is critical in keeping the repairs to a minimal.

DART Auto Can Diagnose and Solve Your Audi’s Electrical Problems

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