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How to Fix Oil Leaks in Your Porsche


Porsches are high-performance cars that are fun to drive on the open road. They are high-quality machines that are dependable. But even these reliable cars are susceptible to wear and tear. Noticing a leak under your Porsche can be upsetting. Don’t ignore the problem and just drive away. Finding out what fluid is leaking should be a priority. There is a chance that it is just condensation on the ground, but it could also be oil. Letting the issue go without fixing it can lead to more damage.

Why is an oil leak bad?

The engine in your Porsche is a complex machine. It is made of numerous parts that are constantly under intense stress. Oil is needed to lubricate the engine’s parts and absorb heat. Without the proper amount of oil, the parts would move against each other, and the friction would lead to excess heat and damage.

Preventing Oil Leaks

The best way to prevent an oil leak is by having regular maintenance performed. Over time oil will break down and become contaminated. When it is full of dust, dirt and debris it will not be able to do its job properly.

The Most Common Reasons for Oil Leaks

Finding the location of the leak will determine why your car is leaking oil. Most leaks are caused by faulty engine gaskets, oil seals, oil pan leaks, or improper connections. Some issues can be easily fixed, while others may require extensive repairs.

Dirty Oil Filter

During regular oil changes, you should have the filter replaced. Over time, filters will wear out and get dirty. If the filter gets clogged, it will not be able to filter the oil which can cause a leak.

Improperly Installed Drain Plug

If you just had your oil changed and you notice a leak, there is a good chance that the drain plug wasn’t tightened correctly or was damaged.

Untightened Filler Cap

Oil leaks often occur after an oil change when the filler cap wasn’t tightened or was improperly tightened. After an oil change, it is easy for a technician to forget to tighten this cap. The loose cap will allow the oil to spill out and run down the sides of the engine.

Worn Out Oil Pan Gasket

The oil pan gasket is exposed to a lot of heat and wear which causes it to fail over time. Once it fails, it will leak oil.

Valve Gasket Seal

If your Porsche has a lot of miles you may have a valve gasket seal that is leaking. As this seal ages, it wears out and is unable to keep the oil in the system.

Rear Main Seal

A very common area that is susceptible to oil leaks is the rear main seal. Cars that do not have regular oil changes or do not get driven often see this more often than others. The rear main seal seals the area where the crankshaft attaches to the flywheel.

Timing Cover Gasket

Cars that have timing chains have a timing cover gasket. These leaks are typically slow but can be messy.

Fixing Your Oil Leak

To decide how to fix your oil leak, you need to determine where the leak is coming from. By bringing your Porsche into Dart Auto, we will be able to diagnose the exact cause and get it fixed for you.

You’ve probably seen the many products that are advertised for fixing oil leaks. They can work in some situations, but they are only temporary solutions. Eventually, the problem will return, and you will still need to get it fixed. Allowing the issue to go unfixed can lead to even more issues and higher service bills.

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