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Mini Cooper Timing Chain

Mini Cooper Timing Chain - Mini Repair Denver

Mini engines have had some issues with timing chains since they first came out.  We have serviced some of the older minis and replacing the timing components takes a little longer.  The timing chain had not skipped timing at this point so there was no damage to the head.  If you ever hear any loud noise from your Mini, or any other car for that matter it is best to stop driving it.  A $150 tow bill may seem like expensive insurance, but not compared to the cost of reconditioning a cylinder head or rebuilding an engine. On the 07 and newer engines as shown here they have problems with the plastic guides.  This car came in with a pretty loud noise that almost sounded like a rod knock, but we determined it was coming from the timing cover.  After removing the valve cover we found that the metal portion of the top most timing chain guide had broken so the sound we heard was the chain slapping around in the valve cover. We replaced all broken and worn timing chain guides.