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Porsche Rennsport Reunion - Laguna Seca

DART auto owner Dave Banazek attended the 6th Porsche Rennsport reunion this September.  This is a giant festival of racing Porsches.  Almost every racing Porsche you have ever seen or read about in a book is there.  Either being displayed in concours condition or being raced on the world famous Laguna Seca track. There is also a great gathering of people who are interested in Porsche's racing heritage, a parking lot full of Porsches that would put most car shows to shame and w bunch of well put together vendor tents giving you ideas on how to maintain or improve your favorite Porsche.  Porsche puts on a great show with speeches from Porsche executives, engineers and drivers.  Famous Porsche race drivers can be found in the cockpit of cars, wandering the pits chatting or at the signature booth.  Truly a great experience if you have any interest in Porsche racing.