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Why the DME is Important for Your Volkswagen


Your Volkswagen is engineered to look, drive, and perform at the top of it’s class. There are multiple components that work together to provide this optimal driving experience. One such component is the DME or Digital Motor Electronics. The DME controls the most important aspects of the engine operation. It helps control features such as fuel consumption and emission levels while ensuring exceptional performance and true reliability. If the digital motor electronics begin to malfunction, your engine can suffer detrimental consequences. It is imperative that you have the vehicle inspected at the first sign of an electronic issue.

How Does the DME operate?

Sensors located in the DME collect various types of data related to the performance of your vehicle. This information includes air flow, air temperature, air density, speed, throttle, and accelerator positions.The facts are collected at more than 1,000 data entries per second. The results are then analyzed and changed into specific directions that are forwarded to the fuel injection system, as well as the ignition. Data concerning the electrical operation of your Volkswagen is also collected. The information related to the overall power consumption and charge of the battery allows the DME to ensure the engine starts every time and sustains a long life. Basically, this feature acts as the brain for your vehicle and is constantly sending and receiving extremely important data.

Signs That May Indicate A Faulty DME

One of the easiest signs to spot when your DME may be failing is when your check engine light illuminates. While there are various reasons for the activation of this light, it could relate to the performance of the Digital Motor Electronics system. A service repair shop, such as DART Auto, can use a specialized computer to check the codes and diagnosis the problem.

Issues with the engine can be common symptoms of a faulty sensor system. Engine failure, or stalling, can be extremely dangerous and can even cause a serious accident. If there is a breakdown of communication between the DME and the engine, this can occur.

A misfire is another potential issue caused by the damaged component. Misfires are the result of wrong information being sent to the engine. This incorrect data leads to power loss, greater fuel usage and improper acceleration. At times, the lack of proper communication between the electronics and the ignition can even prevent the engine from starting. Any of these incidents can lead to dangerous driving situations.

Repair or Replacement of the Digital Motor Electronics

A DME that is functioning improperly should be addressed as soon as possible to make sure the operation of the engine is not compromised. During inspection, a minor problem may be discovered. In these instances, a repair can be performed, and the price will be less than that of a complete replacement. However, it is more common to do a total DME replacement when it is identified as the problem. The cost will depend on the age, model and condition of your Volkswagen.

It is important for you to check on your vehicle’s warranty as some may have coverage for a faulty DME. This type of repair work or total replacement is not an easy task and should be done by trained professionals as opposed to trying to do it yourself.

Diagnosing DME Issues with DART Auto

Volkswagen_DME_Issue_Fix.jpgThe team at DART Auto provides exceptional service for European vehicles, including Volkswagen. We have been helping residents of Englewood, Littleton, Centennial, and Denver, CO for years. Our stellar reputation precedes them. High-performing automobiles deserve high-quality service and true attention to detail.

The DART team has extensive experience with brands such as BMW, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen and Mini Cooper. You can trust the care and services provided for your vehicle by our highly trained staff. Diagnosing, repairing or replacing the DME and getting your engine up to speed will not be a problem at DART.

Our professionals understand the signs and symptoms of a faulty digital motor electronics component. We are prepared to find the problem and fix it properly. Call us today for an appointment or stop by at your convenience to have one of our technicians diagnose your vehicle's problems. We will review a repair plan with you and have your repairs done quickly and efficiently.

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