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Racing Services Denver


DART auto can turn your street car into a track car, provide a turnkey race car or help you get your current track car to the front of the pack.  We offer all of the parts and services needed for your track car, including roll cage fabrication, safety devices, fuel cells, suspension modification and setup, and custom or stock rebuilt engines and transmissions.  We also offer a variety of racing gear and needed to keep you safe, including racing helmets, HANS devices, racing brake pads and professional racing gloves.                        


Community Engagement 

DART auto is very active with the Porsche Club of America club racing and driver's education (DE) programs.  The driver's education program is a great way for Porsche owners to take their street car out on a race track and really push the car's performance potential in a safe environment.  DART has worked on many DE cars adding roll bars, racing seats, steering wheels, street/track suspensions and performance exhausts.

DART is also active in SCCA and NASA racing and performance driving schools.  As the NASA Rocky Mountain Spec 944 race sponsor, we have worked on many of the 944s in the region.

Some of the people who get involved in Driver's Education get really serious about it and want to progress to Club Racing.  While it is theoretically feasible to club race the same car you drive on the street, it is not really practical.  We have built, improved and continue to maintain some of the fastest cars in club racing. Please see our race cars page to learn a little more about the specifics of the cars we have worked on and how they are doing at the races.