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Owner Dave Banazek's Porsche 911 GT3 Race Car

Dave has been racing this car in PCA GT3 and SCCA GT2 since 2001.  The car is extensively modified with a full race 3.3l engine, complete oil system with external oil tank and custom ratio 915 gearboc with factory LSD.  The suspension consists of modified 935 style front A-Arms, Penkse & LEDA shocks & struts, custom built 935 style spring plates, 930 trailing arms and full DART auto racing bushing kit.  The rear pickup points have been raised 4" to allow the car to have the correct geometry with the floor pan just 3" off the ground.  We had to make custom wider and higher bodywork to get the car this low.  We have all the molds, so give us a call if you are interested in this bodywork for your car.  Our custom designed 930 2 piece front and rear rotors are lightweight and stop hard with stock 930 calipers.  The rear rotors save 9 pounds of rotating, sprung mass.  This car weighs in at under 1900 lbs wet.  

Mike Martin's Euro SC Porsche 911
Pictured below is Mike Martin leading several other DART auto prepared cars into corner one at the world famous Sebring racetrack. Mike got the full DART auto race prep package when he decided to switch from a 944 turbo to a Euro SC. For the suspension we installed our full racing bushing kit, Sander engineering 23 & 33mm torsion bars, Smart Racing front and rear sway bars and custom valved Bilstein shocks and struts. A complete race alignment and corner balance really make the suspension shine. European Racing headers and megaphones help the engine breath easy and a Fluidyne RSR style oil cooler keep the oil temps low. A custom built roll cage with NASCAR style door bars and a fire system keep things safe for the driver. GT Racing supplied the front and rear fiberglass bumpers and IROC style whale tale. The front bumper was custom mounted with DZUS style quick releases so the front bumper can be quickly removed and installed for maintenance or getting the car on a trailer. Mike's meticulous attention to detail helped his car win the best prepared award at his first PCA club race


PCA Front Runners Mike Quigley & Jesse Wurmbrand
Long time customers Jesse Wurmbrand and Mike Quigley are seen here racing their Porsche 911 Euro SC race cars down the middle straight in Sebring, Florida.  Jesse and Mike are both using DART auto racing suspension kits and European Racing Headers.  They are both enjoy working on their cars and have rebuilt their own Euro SC spec race engines.  They both bring their cars in a few times a year to have us go over them and find anything they might have missed and check their corner balance and alignment.  Of course they always shop for all their race parts.
These guys prove that fancy paint jobs and lots of high dollar parts don't win races.  A good solid car with the right parts and a proper setup can get you to the front of the pack.  Where you really want to spend your money is in lots of track time, and these guys get plenty attending PCA events all over the country.  What separates these guys from the rest of the pack is their racing skills.

NASA Rocky Mountain Porsche 944 Spec racers
DART auto is proud to be a sponsor for the NASA spec 944 race series.  All of the racers are great people and we appreciate their support.  This is low budget grass roots racing at its best. Most of the racers in this region have chosen to build their own cars.  Everyone helps everyone else out in this group, showing the new racers how to install their suspension kits, change rod bearings or timing belts and get the cars out on the track.  That’s where the real fun begins.  At the first race 2008 in Pueblo, Colorado they had 16 cars in the group and the spec formula made for good close racing.  DART auto offers DARTYDOLLARS to racers who run the window banners.  This is our way of saying thanks to the racers and helping them keep the cost of racing down.  Send us an email if you want to start earning DARTYDOLLARS. 

Sebring 2007
It's all about the camaraderie and checking out new tracks. In 2007 we organized a bunch of our customers and friends, loaded up a 10 car hauler and headed to Sebring Florida. We took our regular enclosed two car hauler with one more car and all of the tools and spares to escape the Denver, Colorado winter in sunny Florida. It was really a great time and having the hauler bring the cars there saved us all time and money. We were able to experience an historic track that we otherwise might not have been able to get to. We plan to do it again for Watkin's Glen this year. The second shot is after our last races sitting on the hotel lawn, cocktails in hand watching the largest field of Porsche cup cars ever assembled. It was an exciting corner with several offs and one rolled rent-a-cupcar still in the white paint from the factory. This was the first race Dave's mom had ever seen and she wasn't too excited about watching a car roll. She was reassured when the driver got right out and walked away though.