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Winter Tires?

"Should I put winter tires on my car?"

"I have AWD, isn't that enough?"

If you are driving on older all seasons or UHP summer tires, you will vastly improve your car's performance in the winter with a change to winter specific tires. The compound of a winter tire is specifically designed to improve in colder temps.  The siping and tread patterns provide dramatically better traction on ice, slush and snow.

ABS breaking doesn't improve traction.  It will help you "pump your brakes" faster, but your car is still dependant on the tires' tread, compound, and siping to stop.  

FWD puts more than 50% of your car's weight over the drive wheels, but you are still limited to the traction properties of the tires underneath.  FWD doesn't improve your handling in slippery corners.

AWD does provide power to all corners of the vehicle, and traction in wet, slushy or icy conditions is dramatically magnified with a specific winter tire at each corner.

Our cars are built for performance, comfort and safety.  Around Denver, we seem to have 2 long seasons, Summer and Winter with 2 short seasons of fall and spring.  Putting tires that are specifically designed for the weather conditions we face here in Colorado makes a lot of sense and will only maximize your enjoyment of your Porsche, Audi, BMW, VW, Mini or Rover!


Video Credit: Porsche