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Future of Car Ownership?

bmw-i-apple-watch-750x500.jpgBMW has had a tight relationship with the people over in Cupertino California for years.  No matter what you think of either, the fact is both value innovation and design.  We just came across an interesting news clip related to the new Apple Watch and BMW i series of vehicles (the all electric i3 and the plug in hybrid i8).

So, this new watch will have an app that will tell you the charge level of your i BMW...AND it will even tell you where you parked your car.  So when you go to DIA and forget where you parked your car, your watch will guide you back to it!  

Our german auto manufacturing friends love ways to make your driving experience more exciting and personal, now you'll always know the location of your vehicle and it's battery level with the flick of your wrist.

BMW is first.  What do Porsche & Audi have up there sleeves?

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Image credit: Apple/BMW