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Blind Spot? What Blind Spot?

Nobody likes to be surprised by another driver on the road. One of the worst feelings is when you commit to changing lanes and that split second you realize your lane change is being blocked by another vehicle you didn't see, causing you to swerve back into your lane.

This is a huge concern for drivers in Denver and all over the country.  Many manufacturers in Europe, like VW/Audi, have side mirrors with built in angles to see your blind spot.  The newest models of many Porsches, Audis, VWs, & BMW have blind spot detection with an illuminated indicator when someone is in your blind spot.  You can find euro spec mirrors to fit your specific vehicle, but they can be incredibly expensive.

So what do drivers of older cars or those without the means to replace their side glass do?  This article in Car & Driver magazine does a great job in explaining how to adjust your side mirrors so you can virtually eliminate the blind spot in any car.  The trick is to turn your side mirrors out so they show vehicles as they leave your rear view mirror and enter the side mirror.  Done correctly and you will find your blind spot gone!  

To learn more visit the original article here:


illustration credit: Car & Driver Magazine.