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Do You Perform Your Own Maintenance Checks?

Tire Pressure.  Air Filter.  Brake Fluid.  Coolant level.  Tire Tread. 

dartaudiservice2.jpgBusy lives generally equates to ignoring the simplest of things about your vehicle.  The thing that gets you to and from every meeting, event, game, vacation and grocery story is a complex machine that needs the simplest check each month.  DART auto certified technicians are trained to look for under inflated tires and cupping in tread.  These can mean your car isn't getting it's optimal mileage per gallon and need an alignment.  Low brake fluid could indicate a need for brake pad replacement.  Sludgy coolant might indicate a leak in your head gasket.  

All of these seemingly minor checks can help prevent an expensive repair on your BMW or Porsche down the line.  With higher performance can bring with it a little more expense, so make sure you are doing "the little things" (aka - maintanence) to mitigate the expensive things. (aka - repairs)

Just ask, and we'll do a walk through of your vehicle when you bring it in.  So schedule your visit to DART today.